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Global Corporate Structure

Oasis Global Management Company (Ireland) Ltd., (OGMCI), was formed in October 2002 as an administration company and product provider. This company is domiciled in Ireland and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. It is also authorised as a UCITS (Undertaking for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities) Management Company and provides management services to two UCITS investment fund companies. These companies, the Oasis Global Investment Fund (Ireland) Plc. and the Oasis Crescent Global Investment Fund (Ireland) Plc., consist of a comprehensive selection of sub-funds (investment products) that are listed on the Irish Stock Exchange.

Through its sub-funds, which are categorised into a Shari’ah compliant investment product range (Oasis Crescent) and a Socially Responsible product range (Oasis), Oasis offers broad diversification in terms of asset class, currency, geographic location, sector and instruments to its investors. Each product is tailored to ensure that it meets specific risk profiles so that investors benefit from the value generated over time. Since inception, the focus on protecting and growing the wealth of investors in an effective, efficient and client-centric administration environment has led Oasis towards consistently delivering on its longstanding track record of excellence.

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